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Minors Division (9/10 Year Olds)

Played on a 46/60 foot diamond.  Recommended for ballplayers ages 9-10; players build and refine their fundamental skills while beginning to understand game strategy as well as gain knowledge of pitching fundamentals.  Safety is the number one priority. Once the season starts, coaches are expected to perpetually evaluate each player's skills and developmental opportunities.  As such, players will experience positions that are consistent with their progress to avoid unnecessary risk of injury.


  • Spring season games begin the last week of April and generally last to the end of June. 
  • Game & practice schedules are provided 2 weeks in advance of opening day.
  • Players are provided team hat, jersey, & baseball socks. 
  • Team bats & helmets are provided but players may bring their own as long as they are Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth approved.
  • Players must have their own baseball glove & baseball pants and are strongly encouraged to wear baseball cleats and an athletic supporter ("cup").
  • Teams meet 1 time during the week for a 1-1.5 hour practice and 2x a week for a 6 inning or 2 hour max game.  Typically 1 Saturday morning game and 1 weekday game.
  • Games and practices are scheduled at Ewald Park in Southbury & Quassy Field in Middlebury.
  • Practice day and time is scheduled in early April after registration is complete and teams are  formed.
  • Team rosters are formed by a coaches draft facilitated by Minors President.